[POTUS2018] Quantum: artificial intelligence, fundamentals & technologies

<font color=white>Andaz WH/SpaceX/Caltech</font>

<font color=white>Andaz WH/SpaceX/Caltech</font>

Maria Spiropulu (Caltech)


To accomplish the extraordinary, you must seek extraordinary people. — James Lee Byars


This two day retreat brings together the top minds, thinkers and doers, in the physics of the universe both theoretical and experimental and in cross-cutting science and technology areas that impact our views and our research. The meeting fosters exchange and celebrates differences in thinking that provoke insightful discussions. We avoid standard prepared talks, and focus on exciting forefront issues spawned by new results and ideas.  The summit this year follows up on POTUS2017 that was inspired by quantum information as a technology and theory framework at many scales, by results in gravitation physics, cosmology & astronomy, the evolution of the DM searches, and  by paradigm breaking ideas in string theory, gravity and cosmology.  POTUS2018 will press on  discussion on quantum methods for learning (quantum AI), quantum fundamental breakthroughs and quantum technologies.   POTUS is held under the Chatham House Rule.



Andaz West Hollywood: 8401 Sundst Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood

Caltech Cahill: 1200 East California Blvd, Pasadena

SpaceX: 1 Rocket Road, Hawthorne


  •  The summit kicks-off with the POTUS reception and family-style dinner at the Andaz West Hollywood  on Friday, January 12
  • Saturday, Janaury 13, the first day of the summit, sessions  will be held at SpaceX. The POTUS Pritzker  Gala  will take place at the Andaz WH Rooftop Panorama the evening of January 13. 
  • Sunday,  January 14, Tte second day of the summit, sessions  will be held at Caltech's Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics.  



Participants  are hosted at the The Andaz West Hollywood.The summit is by invitation only; There is no registration or other fees for the scientific participants. Just make your way to the Andaz. 

Janaury 7 2018: SpaceX day is now closed.
January 8 2018: Sign-up is now closed. 
  • Aaron Chou
  • Adam Brown
  • Alan Weinstein
  • Alexander Romanenko
  • Alireza Marandi
  • Amir Raz
  • Andre Fuetsch
  • Anna Grassellino
  • Anthony Lund
  • Anton Kapustin
  • Barry Barish
  • Chris Martin
  • Christoph Simon
  • Daniel Harlow
  • Daniel Jafferis
  • Daniel Lidar
  • Daniel Oblak
  • David Gross
  • David Schuster
  • David Simmons-Duffin
  • David Steuerman
  • Dennis Overbye
  • Edward Farhi
  • Erik Verlinde
  • Ethan Klein
  • Fernando Brandao
  • George Djorgovski
  • Gil Refael
  • Hartmut Neven
  • Herman Verlinde
  • Isaac Pritzker
  • Jake Taylor
  • Jason Hogan
  • Jelena Vuckovic
  • John Preskill
  • John Schwarz
  • Jonas Zmuidzinas
  • Jonathan Simon
  • Joseph Lykken
  • Josephine Suh
  • Kip Thorne
  • Konrad Lehnert
  • Larry James
  • Lisa Joy
  • Lynda Obst
  • Machiel Blok
  • Mansi Kasliwal
  • Manuel Endres
  • Maria Spiropulu
  • Matt Shaw
  • Matthew Fisher
  • Matthias Troyer
  • Michael Turner
  • Nan Yu
  • Nathan Wiebe
  • Neil Sinclair
  • Nick Hutzler
  • Nick Pritzker
  • Nicole Yunger Halpern
  • Norbert Holtkamp
  • Norbert Linke
  • Paul Dieterle
  • Rana Adhikari
  • Rishiraj Pravahan
  • Rocky Kolb
  • Roger Blandford
  • Ronald Walsworth
  • Rosmarie Riedl
  • Sergei Gukov
  • Soren Telfer
  • Stefan Simchowitz
  • Sterl Phinney
  • Thomas Rosenbaum
  • Thomas Vidick
  • Tongyan Lin
  • Tracy Li