12-26 May 2019
Aspen Center for Physics
US/Pacific timezone
Quantum Information Science intersections with High Energy Physics have been developing over the last few years. Cross fertilization of ideas and expertise across many intersecting research areas have contributed to the confluence of research on black hole physics, information theory, holographic correspondence, computational complexity, and quantum error corrections leading to new understanding of the quantum universe and potential quantum technology. HEP-QIS intersections provide the intellectual stimulus for entanglement-based field theory models, tensor networks, and innovative techniques for addressing de-coherence. At the intersection of QIS/HEP science and technology are new tools and techniques for instrumentation, detectors, data transfer, and quantum communications that exploit superposition, entanglement, and/or squeezing for HEP experiments including expanding the range for exploring the dark universe and new physics beyond the standard model. In this by-invitation-only workshop we will interweave theoretical and experimental topics emerging at the boundaries and intersections of QIS and HEP and explore synergies and complementarities. ACP registration to the workshop and some social events during the workshop, are sponsored by the Kavli Foundation. Cancellations after May 6 2019 bare a 200 USD cancellation fee. Attendance is encouraged for the entire period of the workshop or at the week-long level. Attendance for shorter periods of time will be accepted on a case-by-case review.  Depending on funding availability, financial support for accommodation will be given, with priority to young researchers and families.  For accommodation and off-season dining resources click on the menu left the corrsponding page.