APS April 2016: Next Generation of Large International Observatories and Cosmic Experiments

150G (Salt Palace Convention Center)


Salt Palace Convention Center

Salt Lake Marriott Downtown, Salt Lake, Utah
Maria Spiropulu (Caltech, PMA) , Rocky Kolb (University of Chicago)
    • 13:30 14:06
      Evolution and Next Generation of Large Cosmic-Ray Experiments 36m
      With collaborations involving as many as 32 countries, next generation astro-particle observatories are being built to understand the puzzling origin of the most energetic processes in the Universe. We will review some recent results and the effort behind next generation observatories, which include large arrays of detectors and space missions to study high to ultra-high energy cosmic-rays, neutrinos, and gamma-rays. The great opportunity of word-wide scientific productivity and funding motivates these large-scale efforts, which also face many challenges due to geopolitical events and differences in science funding cultures.
      Speaker: Angela Olinto (University of Chicago)
    • 14:06 14:42
      International web of GW observatories 36m
      Speaker: Fred Raab
    • 14:42 15:18
      Current and future radio-astronomy mega-projects 36m
      Speaker: Miguel Morales (University of Washington)